Bridal shower tomorrow morning. Helped and paid for at least half of it. Not really feeling like a glowing bride or mommy to be. Managed to keep down maybe 500 calories today and violently vomitted up dinner after an evening of feeling flu like thanks to hg. I’ve lost btwn three and five lbs this week and my upper stomach is distended. My face looks like a really tired zombie. I’m gonna try to act excited for my groom tomorrow but i really want to stay in bed and sleep/cry/try not to go to ER for fluids.


Some days I think art is the greatest things. Other days it makes me want to roll my eyes to the back of my head, and leave them there.



It’s like Marvel is really trying to piss people off, lol. 


good. piss on shitty male comic fans. just fucking drink their tears and piss them back onto their shitty fucking faces.

This is not just a guy thing. I’m a female comic fan and I see no reason for Thor to be female. It is based off Norse mythology where he has always been a dude. The guy is practically immortal so why do they need to mess with it at all. If Marvel wants a female character to be a headliner why not choose Sif, she’s awesome with no hammer, or pick a female character to wield the hammer but let her use her female name. It’s super unoriginal that they are just plugging diverse characters into existing character spots. Why not create a new character and let he or she stand on his or her own right. If Marvel is gonna try to be more diverse than could they make an Asian superhero that isn’t some racist stereotype?

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i will return for the child within one month

this is your warning

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VALENTINO Paris Fashion Week 2014

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My guy’s whole family and friend base ugh


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My guy’s whole family and friend base ugh

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